About The Founder 

Ever felt...anxious? 

You know the feeling. Total overwhelm. Sweaty palms. Unrelenting worry. That heavy feeling that waits for you around every corner? 

Babe, you aren’t alone. Anxiety is on the rise and in my humble opinion, once you have it, it takes a consistent effort to manage it. 

A decade ago after what I can only describe as a “nervous breakdown” I started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks.

Yoga. Mindfulness. Meditation. Therapy. Medication. Acupuncture. Exercise. Float Tank. Crystals. Aromatherapy. You name it, I’ve tried it and they all have helped... 

But, what I hadn’t been able to get control of was something I’d been doing unconsciously for as long as I could remember, picking at my fingers. I would pick, scratch, peel and gnaw at my nail beds, my thumbs wore the brunt until they were red raw and bleeding.

When stress levels were high the picking would escalate. It was embarrassing and painful. 

Enter spinner rings (also known as anxiety rings, meditation rings or worry rings.).

When I purchased my very first one, I loved having a gorgeous, sparkly piece of jewellery but even better, I loved the immediate effect having one had on my anxiety. Spinning those rings weirdly, shifted my mindset from the ‘what if’s’ to the ‘right now’. 

I’m Naomi (Nae) and Hey Luna is my foray into beautiful, functional jewels. When I’m not staring at shiny things, you can find me walking in the bush, swimming in the pool and admiring my other love, shoes. 

Confession: I am a serial entrepreneur. My other business is Avarcas Australia. The prettiest shoes going.

I hope these rings bring you peace and help you manage your anxiety with style. 

Nae xx