How to Use Anxiety Rings

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Anxiety rings (also referred to as worry rings and spinner rings) are a godsend when it comes to dealing with anxiety and stress. Also? They’re really pretty if I do say so myself. BUT, their purpose doesn’t end there. 

When it comes to actually using the anxiety rings for mental health, there are a myriad of ways you can incorporate them into your personal rituals. I’ve covered them all with a sprinkling of scientific mentions that I found really insightful. 

Without further ado, here are a few ways you can use your anxiety ring to boost those calming vibes. 

During Meditation

Like a pendulum swaying side to side, fidgeting with an anxiety ring can lull you into a deep meditative state. The simple act of spinning the ring helps you quiet your conscious mind which, you guessed it, brings you into the now. 

Using anxiety rings during meditation can turbocharge the session by: 

  • Inducing a sense of calm and quiet
  • Slowing your breathe 
  • Switching focus from ‘what ifs’ to ‘now’ 

Not sure how to get to this blissful non-thinking about ‘life’ state? Here’s a little tip: as you begin your meditation practice, slow the rate at which you spin the anxiety ring. Find your breaths become deeper and slower. Focus on the way the ring feels as your finger meets the metal and gently spins. By keeping your primary attention on the ring and your breath, other thoughts will begin to fade into the background as a sense of calm and clarity washes over you. 

With Affirmations

Greek worry beads, Islamic and Catholic prayer beads, prayer wheels in Tibet, and Chinese Baoding Balls all serve a similar purpose: to keep the hands busy while sending thoughts out into the universe. A spinner ring draws on those ancient practices so it makes sense to use your anxiety ring during your affirmations. 

With each spin, recite an affirmation. Pairing the physical motion with an affirmation puts momentum behind the intention, allowing it to resonate with your body, mind, and spirit.

It sounds woo woo but it does add a bit of gravitas to your words. 

Need some ideas? Repeat these affirmations and spin your ring right ‘round, baby right ‘round: 

I am kind 

I deserve love

I exercise for health not for punishment 

I free myself from my thoughts

I will not become a victim 

I have everything I need 

I am safe

Gratitude Reminder

One of the best ways to optimise your mood is to become aware of everything you’re grateful for. I know, I know, it can be a tall order when life is overwhelming but hear me out. Gratitude seems like a buzz word but scientists, psychologists and spiritual leaders all agree: it’s a powerful tool we all have access to. Choosing to focus on the positive things in your life means there’s less room for negativity.  

Much like how your grandmother might have tied a string around her finger to remember something, anxiety rings can serve as a pretty, sparkly reminder to go to the good side rather than ruminating on the shit bits. Anytime you catch yourself looking at or spinning your ring, try and think of something positive. And, take the time to say thank you for that one good thing. 

It’s not just the mind that likes to be in a state of gratitude, the body doesn’t mind it either! Positive thoughts = less muscle tension. 

Using an anxiety ring for gratitude is grounding, will bring you back to the present moment, and invites you to shift your focus on the good.

Improve Focus

Speaking of focus, use anxiety rings to improve yours! By occupying the “monkey mind”, fidgeting with an anxiety ring will keep the distracting parts of your brain busy while you focus on the tasks at hand.

ADHD and Anxiety tend to go hand-in-hand. Especially in women over 30, anxiety can be a symptom of ADHD. Anxiety rings and other spinners are even being welcomed into classrooms because they have been shown to help students focus. 

Research shows that attitude, attention, and writing abilities all improved when students were given an object that spins.

Divert Anxious Energy

The primary purpose of, and reason for their name, is that anxiety rings divert anxious thoughts and feelings. In conjunction with other self-soothing practices like meditating, nasal breathing, and grounding, the action of spinning an anxiety ring on your finger distracts part of the mind that can contribute to excessive worry and anxiety.

Disordered anxiety can feel a lot like losing a battle against your thoughts. Trust me, I know. 

If you have ever had a panic attack, you’d know how difficult it is to stop or even recover from. Usually, you have two options. The first one being to lean into the attack and wait for it to subside. And the other option is to take control of it. Deep breathing and the addition of an anxiety ring can help release the excess adrenaline that courses through your body during an attack. 

Icebreaker for Conversations on Mental Health

Hey Luna anxiety rings are more than just a way to process overwhelming emotions and centre yourself, they are also pretty. If you’ve ever been given a compliment about the ring, you can use it as a conversation starter about mental health and how your ring helps you. 

Being open and honest about mental health is critical to removing the stigma and keeping conversation open. You never know who is suffering and your honesty may just give them the space they need to talk. 

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