The History Of Spinner Rings

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If you’ve stumbled across our rings because you love pretty, sparkly things - welcome! I too am a fan of the aforementioned attributes when choosing accessories. Spinner rings (also known as mediation rings, anxiety rings, worry rings) however are much more than a pretty piece. They are functional jewels designed to keep your hands busy and your mind calm. Rich in history, we want to share the origin of these purposeful jewels. 

Spinner Rings & Buddhism 

Buddhists used metal spinning cylinders with sacred text engraved on them to recite and perform their religious practices. This ritual was believed to increase good karma and rid the Buddhist of bad energy.

Photo by Julia Volk from Pexels

Spinner Rings & Tibetan Meditation 

In Tibetan culture, they fashioned ‘worry rings’ to use in their daily medication practice. They believed the spinning action of the ring calmed the body, mind and soul. Did you know the spinner ring originates from ancient Tibetan meditation traditions? They were originally called a worry ring due to the calming effect they had on the mind and body.

Spinner Rings & Judaism  

In Judaism, spinner rings were used to record messages and were used in prayer and meditation. To this day, they are widely used as wedding rings and gifted with Hebrew inscriptions to bring luck and joy. Commonly engraved sayings include: 

  • ה ה ע (Segula To find your Spouse)
  • ס א ל  Wealth & Prosperity
  • כ ל י  Fertility
  • א ל ד  Evil Eye Protection
  • נ ל ך Eliminate Sickness
  • אנא בכוח ... Protective, Powerful
  • בן פורת יוסף בן פורת עין  (Joseph's Blessing against the Evil Eye and Prosperity)
Spinning Seven Blessings 14K Gold and Diamonds Wedding Ring

Photo by Judaica Webstore

Spinner Rings In Western Culture 

Fast forward to now and the western world has caught onto these wise teachings. Calling on mindfulness through the repetitive action of spinning, spinner rings are a well-known piece. You’ve probably stumbled across them under a different name like meditation rings, anxiety rings, worry rings and fidget spinner rings. 

Why We Love Them 

As far as we’re concerned, a little bit of meditation/good karma in accessory form can never be a bad thing but for us, it runs a little deeper. We know using a spinner ring daily can reduce anxiety, increase mindfulness, cleanse your mind and we believe they bring a little luck with them too! 

For me (Nae!) personally, I love the immediate effect of having something to do with my hands and the effect that has on my brain. Spinning those rings weirdly shifts my mindset from the ‘what if’s’ to the ‘right now’.

In a nutshell, mindfulness. It's something that doesn't come easy to us ladies with anxiety. It takes a lot of work. These rings are a physical reminder to stay in the NOW. To stop googling weird medical symptoms. To stop obsessing over the state of the world. To stop catastrophising every little thing in life.

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