5 Mental Health Podcasts I Can’t Live Without 

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It’s World Podcast Day and to celebrate, I’m giving you the low-down on podcasts that have truly helped me understand, manage and accept my anxiety for what it is. A piece of me rather than the DEFINITION of me. 

If you enjoy the odd poddy and you or someone you love someone has anxiety, you’re going to want to add these to your queue. They all have merit for various reasons and me being the helpful gal I am, I have outlined them below. 

Yup, your no BS Mental Health Podcast reviews are here. 

*Side note: some of the themes explored within these podcasts could be triggering. Please take caution before tuning in. 

Do You F**king Mind 

Mindset hacks for a badass life by Alexis Fernandis 

I prefer mental health chats that don’t weigh you down and Alexis delivers a fresh approach to psychology, understanding yourself and importantly, being your own cheerleader. If weekly pep talks and mental health knowledge is your thing, you’ll love Alexis’s spin. 

With a touch of neuroscience and no filter present, it’s a twice-weekly poddy I just can’t miss.

SelfHealers SoundBoard 

Explore Trauma with The Holistic Psychologist 

This one is deep but well worth tuning into. Each week, Dr Nicole LePera hosts a raw, unscripted, honest conversation about healing. Topics like generational trauma, the nervous system, and holding grief are meaty but delivered in a way that both educates and heals all at once. 

Get a notebook ready because you’re bound to have at least one lightbulb moment. 

Anxiety Slayer 

Anxiety Relief with Shann Vender Leek & Ananga Sivyer 

This one is a blockbuster of sorts with over 10 million downloads and counting. Short, sharp and helpful, you’ll find practical tips to help calm your anxiety with deep thought pieces to understand why and how anxiety hits. 

The tips are actionable and perfect for overwhelmed brains who need to take recovery one step at a time. 

Minding Your Mind 

Learn from Professor Ian Hickie & Broadcaster James O’Loghlin 

Each week this duo delves into big topics like death, guilt, regret and ambition along with deep dives into mental health topics like anxiety, depression and narcissism. Interestingly, they look at what causes mental health issues, how they affect us and what steps we can take to find solutions. 

I love the honest and more importantly, educated opinions they bring to the table. 

Crappy To Happy

Real Mental Health Chats with Cass Dunn

Psychologist Cass Funn chats with interesting, inspiring guests who share their wisdom to help you feel less crappy and more happy. The guest lineup is incredible with the likes of Clare Bowditch, Turia Pitt and Tiffany Hall to name a few! 

Topics are varied and meaty which makes for a fun and productive listen. 

BONUS: Emsolation

Hilarious and not at ALL related to mental health! 

Need a cleanser between mental health poddy’s? Emsolation by Em Rusciano and her bestie Michael Lucas is a hot mess of pop culture, show tunes and glitter. When life gets too serious, Em breaks it down and makes it fun again.  Like a lemon sorbet for your earbuds! 

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Yours in mental wellness, 

Nae x

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